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3 things health coaches should know about segmentation

As a health coach, you may have encountered the challenge of attracting new customers. Your knowledge can help a wide array of individuals but devising a marketing strategy that appeals to all is unlikely to succeed. So instead, focus on attracting a select group of individuals that are most likely to connect to your message and your ROI will soar.

What you want is not what you need:

A “one size fits all” strategy is rarely successful. Clients want to feel heard and understood. As such, you should adapt your message that will resonate with a select group of individuals.

Your “market is the entire group of potential customers who could be interested or could pay for your service. Attempting to attract this large group can appear both daunting and economically attractive. Ultimately, however, trying to do so is unrealistic and would lead to an ineffective marketing strategy.

Instead, try segmenting your market. Divide your market into subgroups of similar individuals who share needs and behaviors. Doing so will facilitate the elaboration of your marketing strategy.

Start by asking the right questions:

If you are just getting started as a health coach, you must identify the target customer. Write it down. How old are they? What do they do for a living? What condition do they want to treat? Where do they live? What is their gender?

There are four segmentation criteria you should consider:

  • Behavioral: benefits sought, frequency of use, etc. What is their usage behavior?
  • Demographics: Income, gender, race, marital status, etc. Who is buying?
  • Psychographic: Values, opinions, attitudes, activities, etc. Why are they buying?
  • Geographic: International, regional, etc. Where are they?

If you know that your target clients are unmarried females, between 22-29 years old, live in Florida, and struggle with body image issues, you are more likely to develop a message that resonates with them. Not only that, but you will also be most likely to reach and help the clients who are most likely to benefit from your services.

Quality not quantity:

Once you have accurately segmented your market, you are more likely to develop a strong message and strategy. Moreover, you will be better equipped to define the platforms and tools required to help and engage your clients effectively.

Perhaps you determine that your target segment is more active on Instagram than any other social media platform. This eliminates the pressure of developing content for all platforms and allows you to strengthen the source that is most likely to generate clients.

Targeting a select group of individuals generate fewer leads. Nevertheless, these potential clients will be of greater value and have a much higher likelihood of converting.

Try segmenting your market if you haven’t already! Your health coaching business will surely reap the benefits.  

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