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4 Quick Tips: Personal Brand Development Online

A large portion of modern life occurs online. People date, go to class and even celebrate on online platforms. This trend has only been exacerbated with the limitations that emerged with the coronavirus. As such, people are more driven than ever before to create content and develop their personal brand online. If you are currently thinking about developing your personal brand through weekly or monthly content, there are several concepts you might find useful in order to thrive.

1)    Know your audience:


Knowing your audience is key. What moves them? What do they enjoy? What communication style do they prefer? Understanding who your audience is will allow you to create content that they will find appealing, connect to and keep coming back to. It is not enough to create a single publication that they find appealing. Knowing you audience will allow you to continuously generate material that they enjoy, and you’ll be more likely to build a loyal community.


2)    Pick your platform:


You do not have to be everywhere at once. Perhaps you are great at writing and thrive at creating blogs and newsletters. Some people do better with videos or photographs and as such prefer to create content on YouTube, Tik Tok or Instagram. Think about your strengths and where you would be better able to showcase them. In addition, don’t forget about your target audience and where they would be more likely to engage with your content. Pick your platform based on these insights.


3)    Measure engagement:


Constantly measure the performance of the material you post online. Take advantage of the free analytics options that can be used on social media platforms and your website.  Doing so will provide key insights into the preferences of your audience and will allow you to continue to generate content that your audience likes. Don’t expect everything you produce to be a success. Be willing to experiment, learn from your results and modify your strategy accordingly.


4)    Be consistent:


Personal brands and followers are usually not built overnight. Creating a brand takes consistency, patience and constant tweaking. Be open to hard work and be disciplined in your content creation schedule. Doing so is more likely to generate a community that is consistent with your brand as well.


The transition to an online driven life has increased the popularity of blogs and other online content. If you have ever considered developing your online brand either on a website or a social media platform, keeping the aforementioned suggestions in mind might help your material thrive in a content saturated world.

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