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Appeal to the Unconscious and Up Your Clientele

Attracting and keeping new patients can be a daunting task. Health professionals often have high competition; thankfully, there are several tips you can follow to directly target the unconscious mind of potential clients and get them to select your services.

Opposite to what we would like to believe, humans are not rational beings.  Our decisions are often not driven by logic but rather by emotional reactions to certain stimuli. Capture your client’s emotions, and you will increase the possibility of having them choose you as their health professional. To do this, consider the following tips:

 Give, and you shall receive:

People are more likely to give back once they have been given something first. We don’t like to feel indebted and try to pay back, when possible, the goods or services someone else has provided us.

What does this mean, and how can it work for your practice? Consider giving out free product samples (if you are a dermatologist) or a short eBook that might be of interest to your clients (e.g., a quick routine if you are a personal trainer). These “giveaways” or freebies” are likely to capture the attention of your clients and increase the chances that they will keep coming back to you.

 Community is key:

Humans are wired to be  social animals. We thrive in group scenarios and like feeling like we belong to a tribe. Consider generating a Facebook or WhatsApp group that your clients can join and feel like part of a community. For example, if you are a nutritionist, consider creating a group where clients can ask questions, express how they feel in their journey to health, and support one another. This can be an invaluable resource for your clients and help connect them deeply to your brand and services.

Follow the leader:

As a species, humans are wired to follow people of status. In the past, being connected to high-status individuals increased the likelihood of attaining basic needs like food, water, and shelter and upped our chances of survival. Today, using the information provided by high-status people is vital as it heightens our status.

Consider using spokespeople that either inspire admiration or credibility. For example, if you are a nutritionist, including the testimonial of a recognized athlete can encourage your clients to book your services. Associating their favorite athlete to your brand will make them feel like there are upping their status by using your services.

Following the advice mentioned above will help you target the unconscious impulses and emotions of potential clients. Getting to the root motivation behind their actions will increase the likelihood of a conversion and boost your roster of patients. Try it out for yourself! You might be surprised by the results.

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