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Brand Positioning: What is your Mantra?

In order to stand out as a brand you must first work on your positioning. When brand positioning is done well, it has the potential to differentiate your brand in the mind of consumers, reach your target audience with ease and maximize the rate of conversions and profit.

 In order to do this, you may consider developing a brand mantra. This is a short phrase that encompasses your brand essence, promise and what makes it unique while providing employees with direction.

Why do I need a brand mantra?

Brand mantras give you direction and ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned. If you want your brand to have a clear positioning, you need to determine what that position is and that everyone in the organization knows. This way, it is much likely that any branded material will contain that essence.

Often, branded material fails simply because the organization is not aware of their positioning or mantra. If you don’t know who you are, your customers won’t know either. This is a recipe for blandness and anonymity.

On the other hand, if members of your organization are aware of what your mantra is, they can work to align themselves with said purposed and ensure that all touchpoints with potential clients possess the same soul. 

How do I design a mantra?

KISS – Keep it simple stupid! Brand mantras are normally designed with internal purposes in mind and should be kept short and direct (normally around 3-5 words).

Secondly, think about what drives your brand? What makes it unique? Summarize it concisely and effectively.

Lastly, your brand mantra should be relevant for employees. Bonus points if the mantra inspires them!

Can you show me some examples of brand mantras done well?

1)    Disney: Fun Family Entertainment

It’s not a simple task to summarize all that Disney stands for in three words. However, this mantra is simple and does what it’s supposed to without overextending the purpose of the brand. It gives the marketing department a clear vision of who their clients are and what their purpose is. It’s lighthearted but encompasses all that Disney is.

2)    BMW: Ultimate Driving Machine

Aspirational. Modern. Precise. It positions the brand internally as the best of the best while combining luxury with functionality.

3)    Nike: Authentic Made Easy

Once again, this mantra gives the business a clear position as to who they are. It connects to the purpose of the brand while differentiating from the competition (“Nike is authentic unlike the bad imitations out there”). It has the potential to inspire employees and give them direction.

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