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Breaking Down the Basics of a Google Search Text Ad

Creating a Google Search Text Ad can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done so before. However, once you become familiar with the components of a Text Ad, the task can become much more approachable.

Pay-per-click ads on Google can be an effective and accessible way of maximizing your marketing ROI. According to WebFX, Google Search Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%, and people who click on ads are 50% more likely to purchase your product. As such, knowing how to create Google Search Ads is a requisite for any digital marketer.

When creating your campaign, it is advisable that you include anywhere from 3 to 5 ads in each ad group and that you set your ad parameters to match your overall marketing goal. You can decide to optimize your ad rotation to increase clicks or conversions.

You MUST include the following elements in your text ad to get it up and running and make it as effective as possible.


Your headline is what first catches the attention of your target audience. It should include at least one keyword to increase the likelihood that a potential client will click on your ad. Each ad consists of 2 headlines (three headlines max), and each headline can include up to 30 characters.


Remember, this is your chance to hook your potential customer. Make sure that your headline is relevant and connected to the user’s search. Try to think like your customer and incorporate keywords or standard search terms into this portion of your ad.


Next is the description portion of the ad. Intuitively, this is where you should include a summary of what you do and what makes your business stand out from the competition.

You only have 90 characters to win over your client, so plan accordingly! You can include prices and special promotions that motivate searchers to click on your ad or purchase your product. Consider adding numbers, signs, and other special characters to capture the attention of searchers. Including a call-to-action can also be a great strategy.


The URL is the last mandatory portion of any text ad. As you can probably guess, the URL shows your site’s address and gives users an idea of where Google will take them to. The URL should redirect users to a landing page related to the ad. Otherwise, Google could penalize you.

Ad Extensions:

Although ad extensions are not needed to publish your text ad, they really should be. Ad extensions can drastically improve the quality and quantity of interactions with your ad. Excellent search ads provide ad extensions that enhance user experience and are relevant to the search, time, and individual behind the screen.

You want to be featured in as many relevant searches as possible while minimizing the amount you pay for each auction. You can achieve this by improving your Quality Score, and a great way to do this is by adding ad extensions.

The main types of ad extensions are called universal extensions and include sitelinks, callout extensions, and structured snippets. Sitelinks are additional links that redirect users to other relevant pages inside your website. Callout extensions are 25-character long pieces of text that emphasize valuable or differentiating aspects of your business. Lastly, structured snippets highlight product attributes or characteristics.

Other relevant ad extensions include location extensions (addresses that drive traffic to physical stores), call extensions (to incentivize calls to your business), app extensions (to encourage users to download your app), and promotion extensions (to highlight special offers).

Your ad shows up to 4 extensions that Google automatically selects to enhance the user experience. It is advisable to include multiple options to match a variety of search terms and user queries. 

Creating a text ad on Google Ads doesn’t have to be intimidating. Follow the steps mentioned above, and your ad will likely stand out from the competition.

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