Building Community Through Social Media

Building a solid brand community is a great predictor of long-time success for your brand. As your clients move along de marketing funnel, you want to think beyond simply generating conversions and incentivizing loyalty and advocacy instead. A great way to develop community and a relationship with your clients is by leveraging social media platforms to your advantage. Keep these tips in mind:

Be picky when selecting where you want to be:

Although it may be tempting to be active on all social media platforms simultaneously, this is not always the best strategy unless you have unlimited resources and time. Instead, consider the platform (or platforms) that your target audience is most likely to use. For example, if you are a clothing store, Instagram may be a great bet as it allows you to showcase your products with images, carousels, videos, and Reels and use the shop tab to incentivize conversions. Remember, it is more practical to post consistent and high-quality content in one platform than to be present in multiple platforms and not engage effectively. It’s not about quantity but quality.

Listen and engage:

Once you have selected your platforms, make sure to listen to what your customers are saying by following mentions and relevant hashtags. Social media allows you to have a two-way conversation with clients and adjust your strategy according to what they care about. For example, you can use Stories on Instagram to spark conversation, ask questions and keep your followers engaged. People want to feel heard, and if you respond to comments, questions and discussions, customers are more likely to feel like they belong to your community and advocate for your brand.  

Generate interactive content:

Consider creating interactive posts and giveaways that prompt users to repost your content on their profiles.

The Fabletics’ giveaway shown above works for several reasons. First, Fabletics partnered with Blissworld, effectively expanding their reach and community by tapping into their partner’s followers. In addition, they prompted customers to “tag your bestie” and “follow” to increase the size of their community and the engagement of their followers. Experiment with a similar campaign and measure whether this type of content effectively engages your target audience.  

Add user testimonials:

Adding user testimonials and mentions to your social media will foster a sense of belonging within community members. Users will feel acknowledged if you include their recommendations, and potential clients will be more likely to purchase your goods or services after reading favorable comments. It is estimated that more than 90% of people read testimonials before purchasing and that brands make 62% more revenue by including customer testimonials. This is a vital part of your community-building efforts on social media.

Try experimenting with these tips to build your community on social media. You may notice a boost in performance!

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About the author: Gabriela Arocha is a Venezuelan marketer with a passion for human behavior. Currently based in Costa Rica, she uses her background in psychology to help professionals and organizations thrive through an optimized digital strategy. Visit her website or LinkedIn profile.

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