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Marketing to Patients: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

As a health professional, you may have noticed that patients are more informed than ever before. Likely, some have even self-diagnosed before reaching your practice! With the vast source of information available, it is now more challenging than ever to engage and convert potential patients through traditional media. Many customers have become increasingly demanding regarding communication and marketing efforts, and you must step up your game if you wish to develop a successful digital marketing strategy.

Highly informed and experienced customers may be challenging; however, they also present exciting opportunities for your marketing efforts as a health professional. Consider the following tips:

1)  Listen to what they say:

If you have developed your social media platforms, listen to what followers say regarding your efforts. Alternatively, consider distributing a satisfaction survey or asking patients what they wish to get from your services. You will likely gather several valuable and actionable insights that you can implement in your strategy.

2) Generate value-adding content

Regardless of what your marketing mix includes, make sure that your content adds value to your patients. Perhaps you have decided to send out an email marketing campaign that redirects patients to the blog section of your website. Make sure that the blogs you include address topics that patients want to hear and have informative or entertainment value.

3) Use an omnichannel approach

Although you don’t have to be everywhere at once, consider generating diverse touchpoints for your clients instead of relying on a single platform. For instance, consider strengthening your Instagram and email campaigns as a start. You want to meet possible consumers where they are so carefully consider platforms that potential patients are likely to use.

Experiment with the tips above, and you may notice that even the most challenging patients become engaged with your brand and services. Good luck!

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