Need inspiration? Check out these Facebook Ads success stories

Advertising on Facebook can be a great tool to create awareness, get new leads, retarget website visitors, and prompt conversions. Create campaigns based on your desired goals, have control over your budget and messages and even experiment with A/B tests within the platform.

A great thing about Facebook ads is that they provide excellent control over our audience selection. As marketers, we can create a custom audiences based on our target audience’s age, preferences, gender, location, profession, and many other characteristics. Alternatively, we can install a pixel on our website and use ads for retargeting visitors based on previous actions such as viewing content, clicking on buttons, or filling out their contact information. Lastly, we can take advantage of lookalike audiences. Perhaps we want to target people who look like our current list of customers or like people who visit our website. We can tell Facebook what we want, and the platform will begin targeting people who assimilate the group we specified.

Businesses of all sizes have significantly benefited by advertising on Facebook. The following are a few examples:


In 2017, Pandora experimented by launching a brand awareness video campaign in Germany during the Holiday season. The ad was a 15-second clip that showed a woman getting a Pandora necklace as a gift from her husband. The piece was cropped to a square version for mobile users, appeared on newsfeeds and instream ads, and targeted people from 18-50 years old.

The results? The campaign boosted brand sentiment by 10 points. In order words, more consumers preferred Pandora over other jewelry brands. The campaign also lifted ROI by 61% and purchases by 42%.

Benefit Cosmetics:

Amid the launch of new eyebrow products, Benefits Cosmetics selected Facebook and Instagram to boost awareness of the collection. Unlike other platforms, Facebook offered predictable reach and frequency and allowed the team to deliver custom messages to their target audience.

Benefit created video ads showcasing “magically transforming brows” partnered with the Facebook pixel to increase consideration through carousel ads. The campaign resulted in a 9-point lift in message association, 14-point lift in recall, and 10-point lift in purchase intent.

Adore Me:

In 2020, lingerie brand Adore Me launched a Valentine’s Day campaign focused on self-love which empowered customers to celebrate themselves. The brand partnered with influencers and pushed content that was developed “by real women for real women” while including body-positivity messages.

Adore Me used Facebook’s targeting options to increase its reach and drive purchases. Ultimately, the campaign increased purchases by 226% at a 6% lower cost per acquisition. Adore Me shows us that partnering Facebook with Influencer marketing can garner impressive results.


The new iOS14 update may affect ads are run and analyzed. This update affects the way Facebook can process conversion events from the Facebook Pixel. iOS 14 will now show a prompt to users telling them whenever they are being “tracked.” Users will have to opt into tracking before any information is collected. It is inevitable that reporting will be affected on Facebook and that we will have to adapt to these advances to keep reaping the benefits of Facebook ads. After all, it is an adapt-or-die world.

Digital marketing is in constant flux; we must constantly experiment and grow to keep up with the changes. Despite changes on the Facebook platform and the inevitable consequences of iOS14, we can still boost our marketing efforts by utilizing tools like Facebook Ads. So, start experimenting today and assess whether this fits into your digital strategy.

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About the author: Gabriela Arocha is a Venezuelan marketer with a passion for human behavior. Currently based in Costa Rica, she uses her background in psychology to help professionals and organizations thrive through an optimized digital strategy. Visit her website or LinkedIn profile.

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