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Suggestions for Top-Notch Health Messaging

As a health professional, you are probably highly empathetic, and you have a unique story that has led you into a field dedicated to helping others. As such, you have the unique advantage of weaving that memorable and exciting story into your messaging to engage potential patients and get them to seek your services.

Good storytelling is critical if you want to develop solid and persuasive messaging. As a health professional, you have a unique gift to connect with others. First, however, you must work on your communication to ensure that your message is not lost. Consider the following tips when developing your messaging efforts:

Tell a story:

As humans, we are interested and united by stories. This interest starts from a very young age with our parents sharing stories at night and persists into adulthood. Stories help us connect and empathize with people around us and help us make sense of the information we are exposed to.

When developing your message, try to tell a story that resonates with your key audience. Identify the challenges they face and help them see how you can help.  Telling a concrete story will garner client attention, humanize your services, and help you better connect with potential leads.

Complex does not mean better:

When developing a communication piece, complexity will result in translation errors. Therefore, you want to make your message as straightforward as possible so that your audience can accurately connect with what you are trying to sell.

Customers are bombarded with too many stimuli, so you want to be concise to spark the attention of potential customers and get them to seek more information and convert.

Keep these two tips in mind next time you develop a communication piece. If you do so, you’ll be much more likely to connect with your potential clients and motivate them to book your services. After all, clarity and connection are essential in marketing and healthcare.

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