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The Benefits of MarTech in a Data Driven Society

An integral part of you marketing strategy is to continuously evaluate your results. Your creative and strategic efforts may sound great on your marketing plan but may not perform well in actuality. As a marketer, your goal is to optimize your return on investment (ROI) and the best way to ensure you are meeting goals is to perform accurate and continuous analysis on your results.


Marketing analytics measures will vary depending on your initial marketing objectives. For example, if you are conducting an Awareness campaign you could conduct a brand recall focus group or top of mind awareness survey. On the other hand, if you are running a Desire campaign you should focus on measuring lead conversion or social engagement instead. As mentioned previously, your metrics should be aligned with your initial marketing goals.


What is MarTech?


Business measures often involve integrated team efforts, big data management and complex analyses. As a marketer, it is important to keep track of these numbers so that measures accurately reflect reality, but this is not easy to accomplish. Thankfully, modern tools have been developed to assist marketers in these tasks. Known as MarTech, this software has been developed to help marketers meet marketing objectives and easily keep track of results. Let’s look at some popular examples:




This software helps automate data reports collected in marketing efforts. Marketers have full control over data and can pull necessary numbers, clean databases and produce comprehensive reports within the same tool. This greatly facilitates the analysis of results and helps identify what is driving performance and where efforts are lacking.




Another SaaS marketing platform, the tool can help connect businesses to consumers, providers, sales force and retailers. In addition, Thalamus has the unique feature of integrating digital touchpoints and sending out omnichannel communications, a feature that is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s marketing environment.


Thalamus allows marketers to run promotions, organize their customer journey and analyze efforts using Tableau. The comprehensive number of features make Thalamus a popular tool worldwide. Furthermore, the software’s appeal in magnified by the fact that it is cost effective and has minimal implementation risks.


It is likely that new tools will continue to emerge as marketing becomes more digital and data driven. As such, it is crucial for modern marketers to become familiar with existing MarTech and implement said software in their practice. Consider these platforms the next time you need to measure your marketing results. These tools can facilitate your marketing measures, help you stand out as a professional and ensure you remain current in an increasingly competitive field.


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