Tips for Effective Social Media Ads

As a marketer, social media likely is (or will be) part of your strategy. However, not all ads are made equal; as such, there are several concepts you should consider while designing your content. Keep the following tips in mind:

Think about your goal:

When planning your content, consider your goal and your customer’s stage of the marketing funnel. For example, if your company is relatively new, consider creating an Awareness based ad. Conversely, your customers may be advanced in the marketing funnel, so a conversion goal may be more appropriate. For example, advertising through Facebook, with clear product shots and call-to-action, may effectively drive customers to purchase.

Consider your format:

If you are advertising through Facebook Ads, you may be overwhelmed with the platform’s different format options. You can create a single image, carousel, or video ads. In addition, you can choose different placements like Feeds, Reels, Stories, In-Stream, Search, and more!

Try working with automatic placements. With this option, Facebook will maximize your budget by placing your ad to reach more people. Alternatively, experiment with different locations to evaluate what Post drives more conversions with your target audience.

Make sure that your content is curated for different platforms and that it complies with the size specifications of the placement. Otherwise, you risk your message being cut off and looking messy.

Experiment with Video:

With the growing popularity of platforms like TikTok, we have seen the increasing popularity of video content across platforms. Videos drive engagement, are shareable, and can increase sales. According to Amazon, videos boost sales by 35%! Experiment with video ads and your conversions may soar accordingly.

Call-to-actions are a must:

 If you want your customers to engage in a specific action, don’t forget to prompt them through your caption and button. Perhaps you want to drive sales through a sale or product launch – a call-to-action will increase the chances of your audience engaging in the action you seek. You can even consider adding GIFs, arrows, or other interactive or moving elements to direct your customer’s attention to your CTA.

Try experimenting with these tips next time you create social media ads. You may notice a boost in performance!

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About the author: Gabriela Arocha is a Venezuelan marketer with a passion for human behavior. Currently based in Costa Rica, she uses her background in psychology to help professionals and organizations thrive through an optimized digital strategy. Visit her website or LinkedIn profile.

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